Melissa Baldwin LMT

Licensed Massage Therapy

I am an intuitive and problem solving practitioner. Though officially licensed as a massage therapist in 2001, I started as a child, drawn to help ease the discomfort I sensed in others.

Specializing in deep-tissue and sports massage, I focus on finding the optimal balance for your body, for where you are in your life now. My intention is to work with your current limitations/situation to help you attain your goals. Currently a runner, and a former gymnast and volleyball player, I have a particular appreciation for all kinds of athletes. It is exciting and fulfilling to help them move through their setbacks and injuries, to see their progress and transformations. 

I have great respect for the myriad of therapies available and look forward to collaborating with your current care provider(s) to create a cohesive and comprehensive plan of action for you.

Finding balance in our lives and bodies . . . it seems that’s not always on the “table” for many of us these days. My hope is to combine our efforts in supporting you and your well-being.

Thank you. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

~Melissa Baldwin, L.M.T.